Practical Optics Workshop series is powered by generous educational and industrial supports and people listed below. We believe this teaching activity will make the word brighter.

Heejoo Choi, Laura Coyle, Matt Dubin, Jennifer Garcia, Cindy Gardner, Jeremy Govier, Christopher Horne, Graeme Hunt, Dae Wook Kim, John Koshel, Andrew Lowman, Daniel Millstone, Chang-jin Oh, Michael Palmer, Kaye Rowan, Chase Quinn Salsbury, Katie Schwertz, Greg Smith, Isaac Trumper, Lucy Valenzuela, Justin Walker, Wenchuan Zhao, and you.

These people kindly donated their time and passion on the workshops when they were at the University of Arizona. Although some of them are not at the university anymore their kindness will be always remembered. We share a short note from one of them, Dr. Laura Coyle.

“I helped develop the POW Alignment Workshop to provide relevant, hands on experience with the alignment of a variety of systems.  It is very gratifying to see this workshop and all the others be so well received by the optics community.” – Laura Coyle

At last, we thank Ping Zhou and James Burge for their initiatives, efforts and vision to open this meaningful adventure!


Practical Optics Workshop Team