Designing with Off the Shelf Optics

Participants will learn the about the options available for off the shelf optics, the advantages and disadvantages of off the shelf components and subassemblies, how best to take leverage the advantages while minimizing the disadvantages, how to fit off the shelf components into an existing design.  The lecture is intended for an audience of optics students of all levels.  Homework tasks will require access to a design code such as Zemax-Optics Studio or Code V, but instructions will be given so no prior experience with either is necessary.  Participants will get exposure to real design problems and the tools to solve them as well as access to the instructor for advice on them via email.


Jeremy Govier, Workshop instructor / Principal Engineer Edmund Optics



POW team thanks Edmund Optics for the generous support to present the “Designing with Off the Shelf Optics” workshop as a POW series.