Practical Optical Design Seminar (PODS)

Optical System Design is an ever-expanding field full of exciting challenges. Unfortunately, for students enrolled in optical science programs, our education ends after the Advanced Lens Design class. For those who wish to advance their education in optical system design in an applied manner, the Practical Optics Workshop will be formulating the first student-lead inter-laboratory optical design group, the Practical Optical Design Seminar (PODS).

Our goal with PODS is to bring various talents together to tackle challenging optical design problems and communicate our progress at a professional level!
We aim to engage in optical design problems that
will result in publishable research, so that a group of students from a variety of backgrounds can contribute to the body of knowledge of optical design.

We are looking for interested students with experience in optical design software (CODE V, OpticStudio) who wish to propose a challenging problem, research appropriate specifications, and design an optical system to meet those specifications. We anticipate that these investigations will not only lead to new discoveries, but the creation of a talented network of optical designers who have worked together to produce incredible optical designs.


Topics to consider include:
Zoom, Freeform, GRIN, Trade Studies, Space Systems, Hyperspectral, AR/VR/MR, etc.

Must have taken Introduction to Lens Design or have completed an internship using lens design software

Anticipated Time Commitment:
One Hour Meeting per Week + Individual Design Time = Tons of Fun!

Potential Conference Submissions:
SPIE Optical Systems Design 2021

International Optical Design Conference 2021


For more information, contact:
Jaren Ashcraft,
Trenton Brendel,
Sara Mendoza,