Practical Optical System Design

Note that these Practical Optical System Design workshops are a series of workshops dedicated to practical optical design. Interested participants can attend all or some of them as needed.

Participants will develop optical software skills to apply during the designing phase of an optical system from idea to manufacturing. An introductory workshop will cover the introduction and basics of practical optical design software. Advanced workshops will cover optimization and analysis, tolerancing, non sequential ray tracing, stray light analysis, API and programming for custom analysis, and much more.

Participants will get exposure to real problems and the solutions used to solve them. Common mistakes and tips on how to avoid them will be also discussed.

Workshops are designed and intended for an audience of optics students of all levels. Individual advice with research projects will be provided as needed and on request.

Workshop instructors: Trenton Brendel, Sara Mendoza, David Vega, Travis Sawyer, Soheila Boojari, Xuan Wang, Benjamin Cromey, Brandon Hellman, Hyukmo Kang, Yanqi Zhang

Educational Consulting

Are you using OpticStudio (A.K.A Zemax) for your research here at UofA? Do you need expert advice?

Contact the Optical System Design team to set up a one-on-one appointment with a certified Zemax consultant. Our team has been professionally trained and has years of experience with OpticStudio. Click the “Set an appointment” button, and login as a Google account and use your “” email.

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This service is only available to current University of Arizona Professors, researchers, and students. The team is unable to help with for industry projects, homework or lab work for classes. For any inquiry please send an email to:


POW team thanks Zemax LLC. and Nicholas Herringer (Engineering Services Manager at Zemax) for the generous support and help on creating these Practical Optical System Design workshops.

Participants Feedback

We POW team do appreciate your feedback on this educational effort. Please, let us know your thoughts and comments if you recently joined one of the [Feedback] 1-on-1 Educational Consulting sessions or the [Feedback] Practical Optical System Design workshop using these links.