3D Printing and Scanning

Participants will learn basic principles of stereolithography 3D printers and 3D scanning systems. The lecture session will describe an overall instrument specification and operating instruction in addition to various practical skills to design, print and post-process 3D printed parts. Also, some 3D scanning systems and measurement techniques will be used to evaluate the printing performance and/or to scan a 3D object. More specifically, the workshop will include some simple 3D modeling practices using Solidworks (or other 3D modeling S/W), actual 3D printing parameter (e.g. orientation of an object in 3D printer, supporting structure) setup/optimization, and measurements using commercially available 3D scanner systems and precision profilometer. It is mainly a hands-on type workshop with many design and printing activities. It will be a good course for the participants who wants to learn practical 3D printing and scanning skills without any prior experiences.


Heejoo Choi, Christopher Horne and Dae Wook Kim, Workshop instructor